Case Stuies

From 2015 we started to use satin fabric to produce dress designs. During these year lots of problems came up when using different silky satin fabric for production. Below are some typical problems we concluded after we use stock fabric from the supplier.

Case One

The first one is the fabric color difference. Same roll fabric have two different color from the beginning and the end of roll, or the bulk fabric color is different as the sample or previous productions. The first problem we didn’t realized it during the fabric inspection, when we were doing the finial inspection, it turned out that have more than 49 pcs dresses had color difference on the front and back. After informed our client we have purchased another roll fabric to remade these 49 pcs dresses instead. As the shop doesn’t have the same batch fabric anymore,these 49pcs color were slightly different as previous orders. When packing these 49pcs, we have added a sticker on polybag to notify our client’s warehouser of this. At the same time we know our fabric inspection is necessary and need one more step to avoid the colour different happening in one roll fabric again. The fact that different batch bulk fabrics have color difference, it’s difficult to avoid, we will choose the most similar one as we can, and inform our clients before taking the bulk fabric back.

Case Two

The second one is that the bulk fabric thinner than the confirmed samples we made before. This exist on a lot on production and hard to realize on fabric inspection if you don’t compare it with previous sample fabric carefully. As the main cause of this problem is that the sample fabric and bulk fabric are not from the same batch. To avoid this we keep small pieces for every sample fabric we have record to compare them on fabric inspection. When the bulk fabric is thinner we will inform our clients about this in time and send a small one to double check if necessary.

Case Three

The third one is water or oil mark on fabric. This exist on all kind of satin fabric that will have water or oil mark on producing, especially on summer the water mark is much more obvious than before. For some special silky satin the mark is more obvious than others, so that when all goods finish we have to wash them to make sure they are clean. And when packing them into the polybag our workers will need to wear glove to make sure it wouldn’t have marks during packing. So far we have used more than 35 different satin fabrics for production, and know which one is the best for production, which one should be more careful on producing.

As a women clothing manufacturer, we have met a lot problems during the production, some of them can be solved, while some can not. But in our mind, we have always insist that the quality is the our most important pursuit and we will make our best effort not only to maintain it.

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